Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Our Baradine Garden

There was an old pumpkin patch down the back when we moved here. It was good because we got lots of pumpkins. We wanted to grow more vegies though so we dug up 2 more beds, my brother and I did lots of digging to make them so we could grow our winter vegies.

We looked at lots of seeds on the internet and we like The Lost Seed, Eden seeds and Greenpatch we like these old varieties because there open pollinated which is good because it saves old varieties and they are strong varieties that have been grown by lots of people who have saved the best seeds year after year.

I am growing radishes in our garden :) they are very nice but pretty hot which is good, I like them with a plowman's lunch. We are growing garlic,celery,spring onions, rainbow chard, beetroots, cauliflower, lettuce, coriander, kale, fennel ,spinach, rocket, carrots and broccoli.

We need to do weeding and watering to look after our garden and we are thinking about what to put in when it gets warmer and the frosts stop. We had a really big frost this morning.

When we were away our dad dug over the pumpkin patch and turned it into 2 more garden beds and he built a big fence around it to keep the dogs out, in spring we are going to grow rock melons,snow peas , purple climbing beans and cucumbers on the fence.


  1. My mouth is watering thinking about what you are growing. I will have to send you some gramma seeds too. Pop likes radishes too! Keep weeding :)

  2. Wish I could have some of those pumpkins, they look great! I'm so impressed with all the vegetables you have put in. I only have some very strange beans which have small purple pods.......I don't know what they are do you?

    1. They might be purple climbing beans do they climb Kat?

  3. Oh, I'm getting *really* hungry hearing about all your beautiful vegies and fruits! :) My problem when I plant snow peas is I eat them before I can wait til a meal! Hahaha And I LOVE melons and cucumbers. And garlic!! Is it easy to grow your own garlic? Do you plant the whole bulb of garlic, or just one piece of it at a time? I'd love to grow my own garlic. :) My motto about garlic: a lot of garlic is never too much! :)
    I love the photos you're adding here too. It's great to actually *see* what you're writing about.
    Does Green Harvest sell open pollinated seeds too? I Love looking through seed catalogues! :)
    I'm very impressed with how many pumpkins you harvested from the old pumpkin patch! :) My mom grew pumpkins in her back yard once and the vine climbed her lemon tree so she had pumpkins hanging out of her lemon tree. :) It was beautiful! hehehe
    We got super lucky one year recently with Lots of cantaloupes which grew from our compost, in garden beds. There were dozens and dozens of the fruit. They were DELICIOUS! :) We gutsed them and the neighbours gutsed them too. :)
    I'm totally loving your Blog! I'm hanging out for the next post, and the next, and the next! :)
    Love from Rach.

  4. Wonderful post Mr.S! You have an impressive vegie patch! We have just about eaten all our radishes (an heirloom mix from Diggers Club) I loved pulling them out not knowing whether it would be a golden, white, red, dark red or long red and white one. All were really yummy!:-) I am only dreaming of growing my own garlic and carrots successfully! You are really porductive in your patch. Thanks for the garden tour!!:-)