Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I can't wait to hook into these

Prickly Pear are invasive weeds in Australia
with a really interesting history.

It was introduced to Australia 
 by governor Arthur Philip because Joseph banks 
wanted to establish a crop and cochineal dying industry. 

The cochineal make a red dye 
and they used it for the "Red Coats" the marines wore.

When we go walking in the Pilliga 
it is everywhere
 and I noticed all of those juicy looking fruit so I wanted to try some.

We went cactus picking with a bucket, gloves and tong's,
 and got loads of cactus fruit's
 they are very prickly but taste great so it's worth it.

It was dusk when we were out picking
 and when we where walking home a little micobats flew
 over us we thought it was a bird until we saw its wing's closely .

Some friend's across the road use to pick them
so I took over some and they liked that:-).     

The fruits are quite beautiful, red on the out side and yellow on the inside,
they have so many seeds though
 and they grow easily from cutting
so it is easy to see how they can become such a problem.

The cactus fruit can be eaten and so can the fleshy pads
I have been looking at recipes and the Ballarat Cactus and Succulent Society
have loads of information on eating all sorts of cactus.
I think  cactus are good sites as well.

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  1. You are a guy of many reviewing bush foods to eat! Great work!