Tuesday, April 8, 2014


I am currently doing drama at the Clarence Valley conservatorium I do character development my teacher is called Desan.
I think it is really fun playing games, using puppets, and in general just having a ball.
Here is a picture from a play of Oliver twist.
We practice using puppets, singing, funny walks and movements I started because i would like to join a 
theater group and perform on stage,  it has helped me as well i used to get embarrassed when singing with people besides my family and close friends now im happy to perform and sing around other people.

Sunday, April 6, 2014


A Dugong is a peaceful mammal that spends its whole life at sea.

The dugong used to be hunted and the population decreased. Now we have the rule not to catch it. But the dugong is still facing danger, getting caught in fishing nets or crashing into boats,

Life cycle of a dugong. Dugongs are long-lived with a low reproductive rate, long generation time, and a high investment in each off spring. The oldest dugong who’s tusks were examined for age was estimated at 73 years old when she died. Scientists estimate dugongs over 2.5 m are mature, while those less than 2.2 are immature.

People should look after this amazing species because even the smallest fish keep the oceans balanced and dugongs aren't very small.