Tuesday, October 16, 2012


I woke up yesterday feeling Zombieish 
and decided to be a Zombie!

So I ate my Mum's and my Poodles brain's 
just for breakfast and after that my
 Dad's brains were pretty good.

 I've also got back in to drawing and I drew a Zombie!!

 It is out of the Plant's vs Zombies game
there is a trial version and one that you can play online

For my drawing I followed a tutorial and the site was very good ,
 I reckon that you should go there and have a look at the pictures.


By Ruth Park.

The book is very good it’s one of those books you just can not put down. I’ve just finished it and was a little bit sad about that. I will find another interesting book soon enough but I recommend that people should read this book themselves. I definitely enjoyed this book.

The book is about a girl whose original name was Lynnette then was changed too Abigail the book is set in modern time but then Abigail accidentally goes through a kind of portal that goes into old Sydney, a place called The Rocks in the eighteenth century. So you get to experience what it was like in that time through the eyes of a modern girl.

She follows Beatie into the past and get’s knocked over by a man who is the father of a family that nurses Abigail back too health then Abigail gets kidnapped by drunks and gets saved by Judah and his friend’s and she rescues two people from a fire.

My favorite part of the book is when a man called Judah and Abigail are sailing through Sydney Harbour and it is interesting too compare it too the Sydney Harbour of today.

All the while she is concerned about the long time she is missing from home
and she often want’s her mum and too know what’s happening in her time when she get’s home she is very surprised to see that the time has hardly changed at all.


Monday, October 15, 2012

Western Plains Zoo Dubbo

We have been on an awesome homeschool camp.
 We went to the Dubbo and one of the places we visited was  Western Plain's Zoo !!
It was amazing  the siamang apes where so cool
Unfortunately I hurt my ankle an we still do not know if it is broken :-(

This is the mum siamang and she has a baby!
We stayed at a caravan park and I made lot's of friend's 
it was great to be hanging out with so many kids,lots were homeschooled and there on our camp but I also met some nice school kids.

The ring tailed lemur's were very cute
all the different lemurs lived on separate islands
and you can see them from the park on the outside of the zoo.

They even carry food in their tail's :-)

This little rhino is the daughter

and this is her mum.

The camel's were using their long neck's the cheeky thing's
these ones live with the barberry sheep

The giraffe's were adorable

they have their food in baskets right up high in the trees

The hippo spends most of his time under the water keeping out or the sun and is one of the most dangerous animals in Africa because if you were  to surprise or startle
it it would run at you to protect it's self  and they can drown people.

The Elephant's were awesome !! 

I had to be a wheel chair at the zoo and here is my brother and me in an Elephant crate

there were pictures of an Elephant called Cuddles painting!! 

This is Happy the hippo and he loved to be hosed:-)

The tiger's were beautiful  :-)
The man doing the talk was really silly though
 and thought he was so cool because he 
was going to shot putt a chook at the tiger.

My nanny loves tigers and this one was very big and strong!!

A bit further up the track where the lions!!

The male lion had a  huge mane and he was very big 
like the tiger as well.

This was a nice friendly emu.
I cannot wait to go on
another homeschool camp like
this one Dubbo skate park
was awesome too
 all recommendation's from me
to go to the zoo or skate park

Friday, October 12, 2012

Historical building's in Baradine

Walking around Baradine you will see many old and new buildings

this church has nice flowers growing near it

This old church was built 1939

here are the flowers below

Sometimes they have a music camp happening at the town hall 

This is probably the nicest building in town

it is situated at the end of the main street 

and has some lovely features

this is dad's forestry building

Baradine used to be a big centre for forestry harvesting the cypress from the Pilliga 

This old house has been fixed up and all painted to look nice in the time we have been here

the pub's are very old

This one was made 1921!!

the pool is almost always closed
but it's old too

There are lots of old sheds with character

the old fuel station still run's
we pumped up our bike tyre's there. 

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The mystery tree unmasked!!

 The mystery tree was unmasked!! a few day's ago I was climbing it I saw plum's and that is awesome I reckon.

I see a lot of different parrots sampling these fruits it's cool too because their's heap's of them:-) 
~this is like a follow up of the mystery tree post I guess.

We  also are growing kale it's going pretty well
and that is good

There is an echidna (anteater) that comes and goes but before he goes 
he dig's holes in the garden, looking for ant's.

We're also growing radishes which are one of my 
favourite veggies

and cabbages and I can't wait till their grown,
the rocket is going to seed at the moment  and that way we will be getting lots of little volunteer rocket babies soon.

our broad been's are podding now too!!

we have fennel almost ready to pick
all in all I love gardening:-)

 We have lot's of seedling's growing too 
and we have basil!!

tomatoes are very yum so we have got them in the garden

we have some of Pops gramma's  in seedling trays
 and their just coming up!!

I can not wait until all our seedlings pop up and we have them all growing in the garden beds and on the way to our dinner plates.

Here are some flower's just popping up as well they will go out the front and in other garden beds as well.