Sunday, September 2, 2012


We live in the Pillaga and visit the scrub often 
and sadly there are so many weeds
 it is full of farmer's friend, various burs and prickles and cactus 
that get stuck in our Doberman's feet his name is Jerry 
and we have poodle called Indigo Blue. 
They are like brother's although Indi and Jerry are different breeds.

This is a pretty part of the scrub but
these plant's are not native to the Pillaga
they might have come from peoples garden's.

The forest is good to ride bikes in and walk in
but our poodle is a prickle collector and
even though the forest is a wonderful place,
it is a bad for walking fluffy little dog's :-(

There was hardly any cactus 30 years ago,
 but then kid's attacked it with stick's
and spread the seeds and piece's and and
now they are every where.

The Pillaga forest discovery center is a nice place run 
by national parks and wildlife service
 they have a gallery space and usually have an exhibition happening
 and there is a  photography exhibition at the moment. 

It is interesting noticing the differences between places, 
here there are many more grass parrots 
 than there are up at the Clarence and no lorikeets.

There are mapped bird routes through the Pilliga and over 
 240 recorded species including 
the  beautiful barking owl and the turquoise parrot
 as well as other endangered species of birds.

Sadly walking around this town we also come across dead animals
the people around here are really  into a blood sport called pigging
 where they go out with pig dog's and hunt and shoot pigs it sound's disgusting
they also kill other animals and we have found their remains.