Monday, July 30, 2012


Hi this is my blog it is about my life so I hope you like it.

I will be writing about my family- my brother, my mum, my dad, and our pets, two dogs Indi and Jerry, a cat called Minx, 4 parrots and some lizards.

I love to skate and ride my scooter and bikes. I like Mad Gear Pro scooters,  they are a good brand.

 Element and Barties are my favourite skateboard brands I have a barties deck, built in their shop on the Gold Coast for me on my birthday. It has Bones wheels and Kewday grip tape and Bones trucks.

 My scooter is a mad gear pro, vans is a skate brand too zoo york is also good and fox is good if you're looking for shoes or caps or motor cross stuff like gloves or helmets.

I like to play minecraft too it is a computer game of squares and building and sometimes I play online with other friends.

I also enjoy gardening and I think vegetabaleles would be one of my favorite foods, we grow open pollinated old seed varieties I like the taste and growing them myself.