Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Testing, Excavatoin, dating and analysis.

A full blown Excavation is not done immediately after the survey the archaeologists have to dig test holes and survey the area for the best spot to dig then they have to wait for digging season.
Quite often an archaeologist from a school will enlist the help of his students when he/she leaves to dig in the digging season if he has sufficient funds. Once artifacts have been found the diggers will date and analyse them many old old coins are found every day some digs find over one million coins in a matter of days some groups have found and counted up to two million plus coins.
Though many artifacts are examined while the digging is still going on, there are usually many thousands of artifacts found at each site. The artifacts go back to the university leading the dig, where the students and archaeologists can study them during the school year to help them prepare for next years digging season there are lots of things about an artifact that need to be found out the date of its make its condition and the ware, coins can be the easiest and the hardest to examine as some are mint and some others are in awful condition. Numerous finds are found in many separate pieces sometimes even in different sites. Quite often they wont be able to piece them together.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

How Archaeology Works


It’s that thing you always hear about on the radio and see on the screen but what is it really?

 Easy- you may be saying. It’s where young men brave the wild and find huge treasures right? 

Well no, it’s not that easy.

 First there is the step of understanding what you want to find because you can’t just go in and hope to find something. 

You also need money without funding there would be no archaeology on the screens or in real life For instance Howard Carter thought he knew where King Tutankhamun’s tomb was but didn't have the funds so he got a rich Englishman to fund his work. Years went by with nothing significant found and Carter had to keep going back to Lord Carnarvon seeking more funding and at times he had to beg for financial support to keep following his dreams. There were a couple of times when Lord Carnarvon said it had to stop, no more funding but Carter persuaded him and eventually he did find the tomb.

Another important part is research, after you know what you want to look for you need to hit the books, find out where you have the best chance of finding it.

Once you have decided on the area you want to work, you need to survey it to find out where it could be and how best to get at it.

If you are lucky and well prepared after possibly 10 days, 10 weeks, 10 months or even 10 years or more there’s The Find the discovery moment where you may get a nice amount of money for your find or you may keep it sometimes you have to go 50/50 with the man/woman who funded your dig. 

Interesting things about Chooks

Cinnamon Queen.

#1.The cinnamon queen lay large brown eggs and lay regularly.

#2.They lay 230-340 eggs per year.

#3.They are cuddliest chicken breed.

#4.They lay at an earlier age than most other chickens.

#5.The hens are a reddish brown color.

#6.The males are white.

#7.They were developed to meet the needs of modern farmers.

#8.They can be raised for meat as they have bulky body's.

#9.Their scientific name is Gallus gallus domesticus

#10.Life span 10-20 years.

Plymouth Rock.

#1. They are very noisy as they coo,cluck,gurgle,chirp and some other noises.

#2.They are good layers .

#3.They smell the same as their surroundings.

#4.They are american chickens but can be bought in Australia.

#5.They are excellent scratchers also.

#6.They are ideal for city or suburban areas.

#7.Got an earth worm problem? they will fix it.

#8.You can order the chicks in the mail.

#9.For the first week they should be kept at 90 f degrees

#10.they are good pets

Black Australorp.#1.They look very nice.

#2.They are pretty good layers.

#3.They are good in the Garden.

#4.They are good pets.

#5.They are good hardy chickens.

#6.They are good meat meat birds.

#7.A new record was set when a hen laid 364 eggs in 365 days.

#8.They were being used in the 1920's.

#9.In 1920 the breed was admitted to standard breed of perfection.

#10.They were developed as a utility breed.

The Buff Orpington chicken have deep broad body with a good back curve.

The chook was created in 1894 by William Cook.

The male weighs 4.55-5.55 kgs.

The female weighs 3.60-5.55 kgs.

the birds under 12 months will be lighter.

Sydney Homeschooling Adventure, days on the harbour


Lorikeets are smaller than lories and have a long pointed tail.

 Their body color is generally green blue and red.

Lories are larger and heavier bodied, have a short tail
and body color is generally red with spots of yellow and purple.

Lories and lorikeets need a clean, warm, mentally stimulating environment.
 A wrought iron cage parrot cage, free of rust and chips is the best home for a pet lorikeet or lory.

Since these birds can be extremely  messy with their droppings - often "Shooting" them out behind them  - it is highly recommended to keep them on a solid wall.

Your parrots cage should be checked every day for rust, dirt and old/mouldy food.

You will need to clean out your lorikeets cage daily. remove any uneaten food.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Australian Government

Australia has 3 layers of government- Federal, State, Local.

The States are - Nsw, SA, WA, VIC, TASI, QLD,  NT, ACT.

The difference between a territory and a state is in regard to administration and governance.

Australia's six states represent the six British colonies that joined together to create the common-wealth of Australia. In forming the Commonwealth, the states approved a constitution that gave the new Commonwealth government the right to pass laws on certain subjects, and allowed the states to retain all other law-making rights. States have a constitutional right to have a state parliament  and pass certain laws.

Land within Australia's national border that is not claimed by one of the states is called a territory, The Northern Territory, the Australian Capital Territory and Norfolk Island are self-governing territories. The Commonwealth passed a law allowing each territory to convene a parliament and make its own law in similar manner to the states.

Under the Australian constitution, state parliaments are allowed to pass laws as long as they do not conflict with national laws. Unlike the states, the territories are governed by national law.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


I am currently doing drama at the Clarence Valley conservatorium I do character development my teacher is called Desan.
I think it is really fun playing games, using puppets, and in general just having a ball.
Here is a picture from a play of Oliver twist.
We practice using puppets, singing, funny walks and movements I started because i would like to join a 
theater group and perform on stage,  it has helped me as well i used to get embarrassed when singing with people besides my family and close friends now im happy to perform and sing around other people.

Sunday, April 6, 2014


A Dugong is a peaceful mammal that spends its whole life at sea.

The dugong used to be hunted and the population decreased. Now we have the rule not to catch it. But the dugong is still facing danger, getting caught in fishing nets or crashing into boats,

Life cycle of a dugong. Dugongs are long-lived with a low reproductive rate, long generation time, and a high investment in each off spring. The oldest dugong who’s tusks were examined for age was estimated at 73 years old when she died. Scientists estimate dugongs over 2.5 m are mature, while those less than 2.2 are immature.

People should look after this amazing species because even the smallest fish keep the oceans balanced and dugongs aren't very small.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Cobalt our baby Lorikeet

Our mother lorikeet Emerald passed away about 6-7 weeks ago.
 She had come every where with us, even moving houses,
 lorikeets can live up to 35 years but she only lived until she was eight.

Leaving us with this cute little fluff ball.
Who is just 5 days old in this picture on the day we found him alone in his nest.

Here he is enjoying a cuddle with his mum Louise
 Also known as the artist River Girl.

 He now looks like this, it is special to watch him grow.

Here he is investigating the camera and wanting more pats and cuddles he is the snuggliest bird we've ever had. When we put him back into his cage he runs to his blanket and snuggles underneath and when you put your hand into his cage he comes running over for a cuddle. He is adorable!

He is eating very well now and growing nice and big, he has all of his feathers almost, he is just a little bit downy under his wings.

He spends his days in his cage now, it is filled with toys and perches a hammock and he is just starting to feed himself with bowl of dry food and water just going in this week.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Book review turtles

This book is a junior non fiction for younger readers.
It is published  by Gareth Stevens and written by Tim Harris, I thought the book was handy but not that great. It is about the many species of turtles and there habitats it has good pictures of all the species and little info sheets about each species as well.