Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Testing, Excavatoin, dating and analysis.

A full blown Excavation is not done immediately after the survey the archaeologists have to dig test holes and survey the area for the best spot to dig then they have to wait for digging season.
Quite often an archaeologist from a school will enlist the help of his students when he/she leaves to dig in the digging season if he has sufficient funds. Once artifacts have been found the diggers will date and analyse them many old old coins are found every day some digs find over one million coins in a matter of days some groups have found and counted up to two million plus coins.
Though many artifacts are examined while the digging is still going on, there are usually many thousands of artifacts found at each site. The artifacts go back to the university leading the dig, where the students and archaeologists can study them during the school year to help them prepare for next years digging season there are lots of things about an artifact that need to be found out the date of its make its condition and the ware, coins can be the easiest and the hardest to examine as some are mint and some others are in awful condition. Numerous finds are found in many separate pieces sometimes even in different sites. Quite often they wont be able to piece them together.

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