Monday, February 23, 2015

Book review the Silver Brumby

The Silver Brumby written by Elyne Mitchell in 1958. This book takes place in Australia in an imaginary area called the Cascades.

It takes an in depth look at the life of a wild colt stallion. It is a great and interesting read. It takes you through the life of Thowra a beautiful silver white stallion, as he "conquers" his land and defeats his child hood enemies. Thowra moves on to steal a beautiful golden mare named Golden from a man who was hunting him, after a little while Golden begins carrying Thowra's foal but she doesn't feel safe having it in the wild so against Thowra's will she returns to the man that had raised her, after she gave birth Thowra comes and frees her once again. He names his little silver daughter Kunama who he raises with great care in a secret valley that he remembered from when he was a very small horse, once she is grown enough to look after herself she meets a nice stallion called Tambo he is a black stallion. she soon becomes his favorite mare and he has to fight lots of other stallions for her. Thowra goes on to have another foal this one a boy named Lightning who grows up to be selfish and careless unlike the rest of his family. Thowra's son Lighting causes many fights and tries to steal his half brother Baringas herd  from him continuously for a long before he learns that Baringa has defeated a much bigger stronger and heavier horse for the larger horses herd, wich is when Lightning decides to back off for his own sake. 

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