Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Moving house with Pets

We have recently moved back up to the north coast and we
brought my fish, our birds and our poodle they just had to come with us.

To move the fish we put them in a in a special  foam box from the pet shop.
We put them into our van 'Sunny' and on the way here their box started to leak. I was very worried because they are my fish and the drive is very long and very bendy and very hilly,  but when we got home I was happy to see the fish were okay. One bad thing was the car carpet smells from the leak.

The birds were in there cages with a tarp on the floor, to stop the poo going on the carpet,they travel pretty well although it was a long drive  they got here safely and the mother and father are having free flight and they definitely are enjoying it and like us, are glad to be home.

Of course Indi was easy, he comes with us in the car a lot anyway.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

We have two Homes

We came Home recently.

Our family home is on the north coast where my brother & I grew up
On the mighty mighty Clarence river, our home is between 2 huge and old old fig trees.

It is where the trees are full of lorikeets,the air is full of green tree frogs calling each other and the night skies are full of bats and owls and moths and stars.

It is where we have climber trees to feast on mulberries,

 grown huge patches of corn and just reached in to pick a cob and munch it in the garden, actually I eat lots of things in our garden like fennel and mint, snowpeas and strawberries,carrots and macadamia nuts.

It is home.

Our dad has got a job in the  Pillaga though,so we have been living out there, but really mum,my brother and I all rather it here. Our doberman and our cat are still in the Pillaga with my dad, so he does not get too lonely and we will visit him and he will visit us, that house out there with daddy is still our home though we just have 2 homes now and live in them both.

Home on the north coast it is just better!
 There's more wildlife here and we've got friends here to which is even better and we have Fig trees, and gum trees here that were around before captain cook came here!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Siding Springs Observertory

We went to the Coonabaranbran Observatory
and it was awesome! 
Every year they have an open day and it is really worth doing.

They have lots of the telescopes open for a visit

 and the astronomers and all the other people
who work up there doing fantastic science are there to talk to the public.

We went too the control room of one of the huge telescopes and
  it was so full of computer's and we met an amazing lady

 who does a lot of the computer technician work.
These enormous pieces of scientific equipment are all operated by computer.

We met a man who has discovered comets.

They had a shuttle bus to drive you around the complex and it is just a beautiful place to visit anyway, the views are spectacular and there is so much to see.