Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Moving house with Pets

We have recently moved back up to the north coast and we
brought my fish, our birds and our poodle they just had to come with us.

To move the fish we put them in a in a special  foam box from the pet shop.
We put them into our van 'Sunny' and on the way here their box started to leak. I was very worried because they are my fish and the drive is very long and very bendy and very hilly,  but when we got home I was happy to see the fish were okay. One bad thing was the car carpet smells from the leak.

The birds were in there cages with a tarp on the floor, to stop the poo going on the carpet,they travel pretty well although it was a long drive  they got here safely and the mother and father are having free flight and they definitely are enjoying it and like us, are glad to be home.

Of course Indi was easy, he comes with us in the car a lot anyway.

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  1. I guess it would have meant plenty of comfort stops to make sure your pets weren't too stressed. The birds are certainly well travelled. Copmanhurst to Maclean then Baradine and back again. I bet they are happy the got a lift and didn't have to fly all the way.