Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Siding Springs Observertory

We went to the Coonabaranbran Observatory
and it was awesome! 
Every year they have an open day and it is really worth doing.

They have lots of the telescopes open for a visit

 and the astronomers and all the other people
who work up there doing fantastic science are there to talk to the public.

We went too the control room of one of the huge telescopes and
  it was so full of computer's and we met an amazing lady

 who does a lot of the computer technician work.
These enormous pieces of scientific equipment are all operated by computer.

We met a man who has discovered comets.

They had a shuttle bus to drive you around the complex and it is just a beautiful place to visit anyway, the views are spectacular and there is so much to see.


  1. this was interesting. I like your new background too.

  2. It was certainly a fascinating place and with the most wonderful views out over the countryside. A good report Mr 9