Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Cobalt our baby Lorikeet

Our mother lorikeet Emerald passed away about 6-7 weeks ago.
 She had come every where with us, even moving houses,
 lorikeets can live up to 35 years but she only lived until she was eight.

Leaving us with this cute little fluff ball.
Who is just 5 days old in this picture on the day we found him alone in his nest.

Here he is enjoying a cuddle with his mum Louise
 Also known as the artist River Girl.

 He now looks like this, it is special to watch him grow.

Here he is investigating the camera and wanting more pats and cuddles he is the snuggliest bird we've ever had. When we put him back into his cage he runs to his blanket and snuggles underneath and when you put your hand into his cage he comes running over for a cuddle. He is adorable!

He is eating very well now and growing nice and big, he has all of his feathers almost, he is just a little bit downy under his wings.

He spends his days in his cage now, it is filled with toys and perches a hammock and he is just starting to feed himself with bowl of dry food and water just going in this week.


  1. Well done Sageo :)
    You certainly have formed a wonderful bond with Cobalt. It is so good to see how he has grown and how pretty he is getting. All those photos will make a great record of his growth.
    I am sure he will grow up to have just as fulfilling life as his Mum and Dad, Emerald and Sapphire.

  2. What a wonderful experience! I love your post on his progress. You and your family have given him so much love and care.