Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Mystery Tree

There is a beautiful  tree in our backyard
and it is blossoming

We think it might be an apricot tree
well, we hope it might be an apricot tree
we don't really know what it is.

Its a nice tree
The bees love it so much they are knocking the flowers off and we can hear them buzzing away happily when we are working in the garden,
 its a nice sound.

This tree of mystery is in our vegie garden
right near the back fence and the compost.

Do you know what type of tree this is?


  1. What an absolutely stunning tree! It could be an apricot, a cherry, a nectarine, a peach,a plum....? I'll be very curious what it will turn out to be. If the bees are so busily pollinating then you should be able to tell soon:-) Thanks for the post I love a good mystery.:-)

  2. I don't know what type of tree it is but it will have fruit on it soon and you'll know!

  3. I think nectarine flowers are pink, so I don't think it's a nectarine. I'm very interested in what it grows though! Apricots would be *awesome*! Actually pretty much any fruit would be awesome as long as it's edible. :) Let us know when you figure it out!
    Love from Rach :)