Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Witchety Grubs

We were at our home at Copmanhurst the weekend and found some massive witchetty grubs!

My Dad found this one and we kept on finding little ones then
 I found a massively big one 
 Sadly I forgot to get photos of  any I found :-(
I found about four witchity grubs, or widjiti's.

Here you can the size of the one Dad found
 beside his phone it is little compared to the one I found
 but is still massive :-).

We found them because Mum and Dad pushed over a rotting tree that was about to fall onto the tool shed and it was full of witchety grubs. They had been eating the rotten wood and that's what made them so big and then I started to look for them I found lots of them.
 I even found a poor dead micro bat :-( in the tree.

   They are the lava of
some large wood eating moths
 including the ghost moth and the cosidd moth.

They are traditonal bush tucker
or can be eaten fresh off an Aussie bbq.
They are even available from caterers for special occasions.

I might try them one day
but I am not that keen about them now.

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  1. You should have used them for fishing bait Sageo. The fish would have loved them and you could have bbqd the fish. Sounds like a deal to me. Keep on blogging and I'll keep on reading. xxx