Monday, August 27, 2012

Sculptures in the Scrub

We went on amazing walk in the Pilliga Scrub
called " Sculptures in the Scrub "
it had nice flowers along the track and trees
the flowers out there are in the national park and
  the plants that grow there are very different
 to the plants that grow in the scrub near our house,

   The sculptures were nice,
 some are made from metals and some from stone, 
and the newest ones out there are bright coloured mosaics. 
 and the walk was good too, 
it had some really amazing views across the gully.
 Even though I wasn't in the mood for it, it was still great.
Walking can make a bad mood into a good mood.   

I think it would be a good walk for everyone, it is not too long
  only 2km all around on a loop and it is easy walking
 with really good steps and the cliffs have guard rails.
It would also be good for someone
 who was getting a job as a forester
 because it has good and bad trees in the surrounding forest ,
my dad is a forester and he has taught me what trees are good.
                                                                       and bad


  1. So far I haven't been lucky enough to get to see the sculptures or do the walk but I would really like you to take me one day. It sounds very interesting and you are taking really nice photos. Did you notice yourself in the second one? Well done Sageo.

  2. Thanks for sharing this.....the only time I've been in similar bush is fighting fires and that's not the best time to enjoy all the plants and trees. Who put the sculptures there?