Monday, August 6, 2012

Our Dogs

This our Doberman his name is Jerry,
 he is a nice dog and will do anything for a pat.
We rescued Jerry as an adult dog because his owner had died and gave Jerry 
to his friends who said they would look after him but they hated him
and were going to shoot him so we got him, they lied that he ate chooks, but he has shared his food bowl with our chooks and
 he is the most gentle and nice dog
I am glad we have him in family.

This our poodle Indigo Blue 
we called him this because he is a blue poodle
 Poodles can come in many different colors 
follow these links to find out more
He is very playful :) 
so he is having a run now 

Here's Indi again.
Now he's going inside he is a tired pup
so he needs a rest :)

I took these pics my self  and did the editing.


  1. I am glad you rescued Jerry and you have him in your family too. He is a dear old thing with a big voice.
    That little Indi is a ball of energy just like you. She is lots of fun.
    Your pics are great. You are getting so good at this and its good to hear from you. Keep it up :)

  2. This is the first picture I've seen of Jerry and I love the look of him. I've had a few Doberman friends...some people are afraid of them but I've always found them to be great dogs.

    Of course I love Indie, and I've met him so I know what a lovely little guy he is.

    I'm impressed that these pics are yours and that you have done the editing, well done you. xx your friend Kat