Monday, July 30, 2012


Hi this is my blog it is about my life so I hope you like it.

I will be writing about my family- my brother, my mum, my dad, and our pets, two dogs Indi and Jerry, a cat called Minx, 4 parrots and some lizards.

I love to skate and ride my scooter and bikes. I like Mad Gear Pro scooters,  they are a good brand.

 Element and Barties are my favourite skateboard brands I have a barties deck, built in their shop on the Gold Coast for me on my birthday. It has Bones wheels and Kewday grip tape and Bones trucks.

 My scooter is a mad gear pro, vans is a skate brand too zoo york is also good and fox is good if you're looking for shoes or caps or motor cross stuff like gloves or helmets.

I like to play minecraft too it is a computer game of squares and building and sometimes I play online with other friends.

I also enjoy gardening and I think vegetabaleles would be one of my favorite foods, we grow open pollinated old seed varieties I like the taste and growing them myself.


  1. Hi there, you have had a birthday since I last saw you (well, the only time I've met you actually!) and I can see you've grown. It was interesting to read your blog and see some pictures of your Grandsons both play Minecraft and I gave Mr 12 a Minecraft shirt for his birthday, which he was very happy about, 'coz you can't buy them in the shops.

    It was also interesting to read about your skateboards and good brands of stuff that kids might like, 'coz it's not easy for a Nanna to get that sort of info. xx

    I'd like to hear a bit more about the vegetables you are growing, such as the variety of tomatoes and lettuces you are planting and what sort of yield you get.

    1. Realy Kat your grandsons play minecraft?
      Awesome :)


  2. Well Sageo you are so clever. You will have lots to put into a blog because you have such an interesting life. I will look forward to seeing more as you update. Stay cool!!

  3. This is such a cool Blog! :)
    I always wished I was a skater chick when I was younger. :) I love vans. They are so beautiful and cool.
    I've seen some of your garden photos over the years, and you guys do an awesome edible garden! It's great to be ableto tell the difference between mass-produced food and home-grown food, from a young age. That is something most Aussies don't get.
    I look forward to reading and seeing much more of your life and travels here. :)
    Cheers from Rach.

  4. Skateboards, Vans and Minecraft. Sounds like my house. :) My boys are into that stuff too. But they wouldn't know much about open-pollinated heritage seeds.
    Congrats on your first blog.
    Jo (who met you at Albury camp in 2011).

  5. I am afraid I don't know much about skateboards or computer games. But it is lovely to see that you are enjoying living your life to the full, and that you are into growing your own veg. You will never go hungry if you have that ability and love for nature. Lovely first blog by the way I look forward to reading more as you write them.

    Love and best wishes to you all. HelenG

  6. Congrats on your first blog!!:-) I never had a knack for skateboarding, I never had the balance but I did have a scooter back in the dark ages;-) My scooter was called a Trottinette and it did not look as stylish as yours. Also skate parks did not exist back then so I used my trottinette to race around the neighbourhood. I too love to play minecraft from time to time and just love to mine for diamonds and excavate lava pits. Oh and I specially love to find natural caves and go exploring.
    Your vegie patch looks awesome and yes, I totally get the taste difference between homegrown organic veg and supermarket bland excuses for vegetables. I love working in the vegie patch too and I look forward to seeing more of yours.

    1. that's awesome Monika you play minecraft to
      ive only ever found up to 8 diamond

  7. Great blog! I never heard of Minecraft. It sounds fun. I had a big garden once when I lived on a big property. It is great to be able to grow your own food. Now, I only have tomatoes and herbs growing in pots.
    I'm looking forward to seeing more pictures from Australia. I live in Pennsylvania, USA, where it is summer, now.

  8. Cool blog! I have an 11 year old girl who just started her own blog, so I don't know anything about skateboards or scooters. I do love the fact that your grow your own old seed vegetables. I would love my own veggie garden someday. I look forward to hearing more about your adventures.