Sunday, March 24, 2013

mullbery trees.

Mulberry trees scientifically known as Morus were very valuable  in early civilizations.
They were great fruit trees because of there delicious berry's and were good for feeding the animals like cows, sheep and silk worms they were also easy to grow from seed or cutting and were very hardy making them very useful. 

 The silk trade was important in the ancient civilizations in great demand for fabrics and rug's.  The caravans of camels that traveled the silk road from Turkey to China brought world civilizations in contact eachother, to trade valuable products back and forth and the more silk worms the more silk the more commerce and goods.

The black mulberry is native to S.W. Asia, and it was imported to Britan in the 17th century to help the silkworm the black mulberry is above,the red mulberry is native to Eastern N.America,The white mulberry is native to an east Asian species.

I really enjoy climbing the trees, and our trees are covered in lichen, and the fruits are delicious to eat.

collage of lichen images

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  1. Yum!! I love mulberries. I love the purple fingers and tongues that happen after a feast.

    In country Australia they were often planted near the chook pen to give shade for then hens and a little bonus feed for the lucky hens below.

    Good work Mr Sageo. I notice some confusion with the noble apostrophe :)