Friday, March 22, 2013

Living in a tent

My brother and I have been living in a tent, it's a big tent it has three rooms.
 We have had some good adventures in that tent, and we can set it up well now with two big tarps, one the roof  and one beneath the tent. We have had some wet and windy weather, and we have had to make some adjustments to make sure it stays safe and dry in the wind it blows around, and I can hear the tarp blowing and flapping and see the walls moving .

Waking up in  the tent I straight away know what the weathers doing and sometimes it's cold, and I want to stay in my bed and on the days it's warm, and I quickly run inside or else I get really hot.  My mum told me there was an owl perched above me, and he was a boobook, we also have lots of frogs once a little frog got into my brothers room it was really funny . the insects like the tent as well and we found a cocoon on the outside of the tent, and there was also a big huntsmen spider on one of the tarps last week. I like lying in bed and seeing things on the roof in silhouette. 

We have been living in the tent while our new bedrooms are being built in the house.


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