Monday, October 15, 2012

Western Plains Zoo Dubbo

We have been on an awesome homeschool camp.
 We went to the Dubbo and one of the places we visited was  Western Plain's Zoo !!
It was amazing  the siamang apes where so cool
Unfortunately I hurt my ankle an we still do not know if it is broken :-(

This is the mum siamang and she has a baby!
We stayed at a caravan park and I made lot's of friend's 
it was great to be hanging out with so many kids,lots were homeschooled and there on our camp but I also met some nice school kids.

The ring tailed lemur's were very cute
all the different lemurs lived on separate islands
and you can see them from the park on the outside of the zoo.

They even carry food in their tail's :-)

This little rhino is the daughter

and this is her mum.

The camel's were using their long neck's the cheeky thing's
these ones live with the barberry sheep

The giraffe's were adorable

they have their food in baskets right up high in the trees

The hippo spends most of his time under the water keeping out or the sun and is one of the most dangerous animals in Africa because if you were  to surprise or startle
it it would run at you to protect it's self  and they can drown people.

The Elephant's were awesome !! 

I had to be a wheel chair at the zoo and here is my brother and me in an Elephant crate

there were pictures of an Elephant called Cuddles painting!! 

This is Happy the hippo and he loved to be hosed:-)

The tiger's were beautiful  :-)
The man doing the talk was really silly though
 and thought he was so cool because he 
was going to shot putt a chook at the tiger.

My nanny loves tigers and this one was very big and strong!!

A bit further up the track where the lions!!

The male lion had a  huge mane and he was very big 
like the tiger as well.

This was a nice friendly emu.
I cannot wait to go on
another homeschool camp like
this one Dubbo skate park
was awesome too
 all recommendation's from me
to go to the zoo or skate park

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  1. The zoo at Dubbo is certainly awesome and it seems to be a bit different at each visit. This is a really good time of the year to visit because there are so many babies. Very nice photos Mr 9. If you took them you are getting really good. I loved the tiger ones. Thanks for sharing.