Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The mystery tree unmasked!!

 The mystery tree was unmasked!! a few day's ago I was climbing it I saw plum's and that is awesome I reckon.

I see a lot of different parrots sampling these fruits it's cool too because their's heap's of them:-) 
~this is like a follow up of the mystery tree post I guess.

We  also are growing kale it's going pretty well
and that is good

There is an echidna (anteater) that comes and goes but before he goes 
he dig's holes in the garden, looking for ant's.

We're also growing radishes which are one of my 
favourite veggies

and cabbages and I can't wait till their grown,
the rocket is going to seed at the moment  and that way we will be getting lots of little volunteer rocket babies soon.

our broad been's are podding now too!!

we have fennel almost ready to pick
all in all I love gardening:-)

 We have lot's of seedling's growing too 
and we have basil!!

tomatoes are very yum so we have got them in the garden

we have some of Pops gramma's  in seedling trays
 and their just coming up!!

I can not wait until all our seedlings pop up and we have them all growing in the garden beds and on the way to our dinner plates.

Here are some flower's just popping up as well they will go out the front and in other garden beds as well.

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  1. So the mystery tree is a Plum tree. That will be great when it ripens up. Of course if you are up north you will miss them but you can feast on all the goodies up there.