Friday, October 12, 2012

Historical building's in Baradine

Walking around Baradine you will see many old and new buildings

this church has nice flowers growing near it

This old church was built 1939

here are the flowers below

Sometimes they have a music camp happening at the town hall 

This is probably the nicest building in town

it is situated at the end of the main street 

and has some lovely features

this is dad's forestry building

Baradine used to be a big centre for forestry harvesting the cypress from the Pilliga 

This old house has been fixed up and all painted to look nice in the time we have been here

the pub's are very old

This one was made 1921!!

the pool is almost always closed
but it's old too

There are lots of old sheds with character

the old fuel station still run's
we pumped up our bike tyre's there. 


  1. A very nice tour of Baradine. You should have included the Discovery Centre to share with the people. I like you pics of the building details.

  2. Hi there,
    Just wanted to let you know that the Old Church you took photo's of at Baradine, isn't a Church any longer.
    It was previously the St Andrew's Presbyterian Church.
    My husband & I bought the building two years ago & have been renovating the inside to make it our home. It has been a very worthwhile job & the inside is absolutely stunning.
    We moved in to it on the 28th December and we are very happy here. We've made many new friends & the community are very kind & generous.
    If you're ever in this area again, you're most welcome to call in & say hello.
    PS I love the photos, They're great!!!
    Kindest Regards,
    Lynell & Troy Rosenberg.

    1. that's lovely I look forward to the next time up in baridene